One of the key functions of MWEITI is to conduct regular reconciliation in the extractive sector. The MWEITI reconciliation is designed to maximise the benefits accruing to the people of Malawi from natural resources, which form part of the national patrimony. This reconciliation is a thorough examination of audited accounts and activities of all stakeholders in the extractive sector, and is a vital transparency mechanism aimed at empowering all stakeholders to access extractive sector information and shape future management of the sector.


Revenue receipts data from Government Entities and payments data from extractive companies provide the basis for the reconciliation process. MWEITI, through an Independent Administrator (IA), develops instructions, including reporting templates and reporting guidelines, requesting extractive companies and Government Entities to report all required data.


The Independent Administrator is an organisation appointed by the Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG), to produce the EITI Report. The IA is charged with comparing different sets of data and investigating and explaining any discrepancies identified.


The reporting package, including the Reporting Templates and the instructions for its completion, are sent electronically by the IA to Extractive companies and Government Entities. These stakeholders are required to report directly to the IA, to whom they are also requested to direct any queries about the reporting templates.