The MWEITI process is based on a multi-stakeholder framework made up of the Government of Malawi, natural resource companies and civil society organisations (CSOs) as major stakeholders.



Comprises of relevant ministries, departments and agencies that either collect, keep custody or manage revenues from the extractive sector.

  • Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development
  • Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining
  • Department of Mines
  • Department of Forestry
  • Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA)
  • Reserve Bank of Malawi
  • Office of the Accountant General
  • Office of the Auditor General


Extractive Companies

In accordance with the EITI standard, extractive activities cover oil & gas, mining and quarrying activities, which can be at either the exploration or production phases.


Civil Society

A coalition of civil society organisations that put pressure on both government and the extractive companies to give account of their transactions to the people of Malawi.

  • The Natural Resource Justice Network
  • Congoma
  • Citizens for Justice
  • Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace
  • Tilitonse Fund
  • Oxfam
  • ActionAid
  • Focus